Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness

Monzia Mushtaq
Mental Health Expert, Maya
Mental Health and Wellness

A very crucial issue today surrounds Mental Health and Wellness, which was the theme of NSU Startup Next’s third session of the Mentorship program. The session was led by Monzia Mushtaq, Mental Health Expert at Maya.

The startup founders got the chance to learn about the importance of balancing a work-life and mental wellbeing to reach greater heights. Some highlights of the session include: –

“Looking after one’s mental health and wellness is essential. This is ultimately a determinant of an individual’s overall progress. Empathy, compassion, and appreciation go a long way when managing our negative emotions. Persistence, performance, and resilience usually depend on how well we manage our mental health.”

It is a pleasure to have hosted Monzia as a part of our journey, who has shed some much-needed light on an important topic.