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NSU Alumni have gone on to become founders and leaders in many industries. Some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem and both local and global corporations have their academic foundations at NSU.

NSU alumni are taking startups like Pathao, Chaldal, TruckLagbe, Jatri, iFarmer, ALICE Labs, CramStack, Paperfly to millions of people in Bangladesh, and the world. They are now coming back to share their extensive experience to build the next generation of founders. This program gives NSU alumni a way to continue networking and learning from experts and investors, even after their graduation.

Hussain M. Elius
Co-founder & CEO, Pathao

Change is the only constant.

Zia Ashraf
Co-founder, Chaldal

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Shahriar Hassan
Founder & CEO, Paperfly

You only leave your legacy behind, and you cannot create one staying within your comfort zone.

Anayet Rashid
Founder & CEO, TruckLagbe

There is certainly two possible outcome from an attempt- success or knowledge.

Kashef Rahman
Founder, ShareTrip

Plans are good things to have but always be ready to adapt

Sadia Haque
Co-Founder, ShareTrip

Traditions are a good stepping off point but we have to strive to be more than our forbearers. Don't believe for a moment you have to choose traditional roles. Only you can decide what your limits should be.

Fahad Ifaz
Co-founder & Dreamer, iFarmer

Where you come from and where you are right now, does not determine where you can or will go in the future. So keep dreaming big

Tayef Sarkar
Founder & CEO, Barikoi

Grit goes a long way and is needed to make a change

Aziz Arman
Co-Founder & CEO, Jatri

Believe in yourself and you can conquer the world

Reyasat Chowdhury
Co-founder & CEO, Shuttle

Life will keep giving us chances. Be open to different experiences, and keep trying out new things. Everything works out in the end.

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