The Journey To Growth

NSU Startups Next has been designed to provide a personalized set of programs, the right tools & resources, and exclusive access to the early-stage grant funding and smart investor network that can help you grow and get ready for investment. Our flagship 3.5-month-long incubation program comprises intensive company-building sprints, evaluations, weekly mentorship sessions, office hours, investor meetings, pitch coaching, and many more activities. This is an incredible opportunity for the founders with the mindset of agility, coachability, and willingness to build a growing startup.

Structured and personalized guidance
Resources for scale
Strong support network

What Is NSUSN Exactly Offering To You?

Who can apply?

Whether you have a great idea, have gone to market or you are on the path to getting funded this is an ideal platform for you. Startups founded by NSU students, and alumni, along with other innovators, are eligible to apply.

Program Flow

01. Selection & Onboarding

Shortlisted participants will be invited to pitch to the selection panel. Industry experts, mentors, and investors will judge. More detail will be communicated over email.

02. Incubation

In the incubation phase, the top teams will go through 4 months of the incubation process consisting of weekly thematic sessions for business building and one-on-one sessions with mentors. NSU Startup Next will work closely with the top teams to build the products and grow the startups.

03. Graduation

After the successful completion of the incubation phase, the teams will present their pitches in front of a panel of investors and experts. The best startups will be selected based on the pitch and their progress throughout the program. The winners will be the proud alumni of the NSU Startups Next’s incubation program and will get access to opportunities for early stage financing.

Ambitious? This way.

Applicants of this program have big dreams, want to contribute to their society by creating jobs and opportunities, and want to do it now, at NSU.

Inaugural Cohort

Inaugural Cohort