AuctionVilla is an AI-driven App Auction Marketplace & app Intelligence platform for entrepreneurs & developers. In Bangladesh and South Asia, the gig economy is growing in a fast-paced manner. Working freelance fulltime is becoming the new normal. At the same time, this space is getting crowded, and tough to survive. We have identified that freelance developers and app entrepreneurs would be greatly benefited from a platform that lets them trade ownership of their app assets – a vigorous alternative to freelance marketplaces. As a marketplace, AuctionVilla.IO inspires product-oriented solutions while enabling people to generate revenue from digital assets.


Why It’s A Part Of The Next Generation Of Startups

NSU Startups Next at its core believes that entrepreneurship will create a better future for people by creating employment opportunities. AuctionVilla extends that to the level where our young talents will get the right value of their work, in both local and global landscape. There is a huge demand for our tech talents in places like Silicon Valley. AuctionVilla provides these talents with the opportunity to connect with clients/businesses globally and earn from home. The app marketplace makes sure these talents get their right value and the buyers get the best output. This helps us to bring finances without any boundaries by never leaving our homeland. We at NSU Startups Next believe that AuctionVilla can scale globally from day 1 and can add significant value to the economy and employment of Bangladesh.  


Ashiqur Rahman
Founder & CEO
As a millennial, I have always been eager to understand how the technology works, how technology can impact people's lives positively. Fast-forward to 2020 - I am on a mission of liberating people from digital slavery.
Toha An Najiat
Co-founder & Lead Of Operations
Hi, I am Naz. I am spontaneous in nature. While I do love intuitive thinking, I also like to move to the next agenda asap - that usually helps me to get a job done.
Ahnaf Rahat
Lead Product Engineer
I am passionate about iOS application and web development. My main focus is on developing a product with a clean User Interface and optimized performance.
Minhaj Uddin
Lead Backend Engineer
I am interested in backend and cross-platform mobile app development. I like to learn new technologies and apply them to solve real-world problems.

Inaugural Cohort

Inaugural Cohort