Cleinsight is a gamified platform for brands to create tailored, brand-aligned experiences and conduct targeted market research.

We get exposed to upwards of 5,000 ads per day. As a result, with every passing day, consumers are becoming desensitized to digital advertisements. It is becoming more challenging for a brand to capture attention and communicate in an engaging and meaningful way. Data shows 86% of the audience skip advertisements and 47% use adblockers. In addition,  70% to 95% of people tend to ignore online surveys. As a result, brands are increasing their digital spending to hold the same level of awareness and looking for more effective ways to conduct market research.

To capture the attention of these consumers, we have introduced Cleinsight. Cleinsight is a platform to create a tailored, brand-aligned experience where engagement is designed to create awareness and get insights directly from the target audience.


Dara Khan
After graduating from NSU, he joined his family business. A few years later, he had the opportunity to pursue a Master's in Electronics Business Technology at the University of Ottawa in Canada. He completed his Master's program with a thesis on Pivots in the Startup process. In 2016, he co-founded a digital agency, where they had the opportunity of working on projects for the Bangladesh Army, UNDP, A2i, and various government, private, and research companies in North America. During this time, they realized there was a lack of communication and interaction between customers and businesses and noticed the landscape of the entertainment industry was changing; this motivated them to start Cleinsight.

Now at Cleinsight, he brings technological possibilities and creative visions together to revolutionize how brands understand, engage, and communicate with their target audience.
Nasheet Khan
He joined the startup scene with OmniTrail Technologies Ltd while pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Security at a university in Boston, Northeastern University in 2012. With a handful of coworkers, they managed to strike a collaboration with Verizon in the US and made their demo at CES in Vegas. With interest in their product from UK retailer Tesco, he dropped out of school and stepped in as the head of operations in the UK to manage their deployments across the UK at Tesco, Diageo and Verizon UK.

Since then, he has relocated to Canada and founded a custom software development firm with Dara. Having worked with clients building surveys and other engagement platforms they realized the potential for such a software in business and retail and founded Cleinsight not too long after. At Cleinsight he oversees the technology and development of the survey and engagement.
Md. Abu Raihan
An award-winning Designer working as a Creative Director in the advertising industry. He has 10+ years of experience working with Startup to Corporate clients, globally & locally. He joined the startup scene back in 2012.

He has received the Golden award in the Conqueror corporate Identity design contest, 2010, Curated by Master Identity designer Hiromi Inayoshi. He has studied in B.F.A & as a Visual Artist he has participated in several group exhibitions that took place at Dhaka National Museum Gallery, Dhaka Art Centre & Bengal Gallery of fine arts. He has 2 years of experience handling extensive film production assignments, assisting in writing scripts with a creative and innovative approach, assisting in film editing. Worked in 2 documentaries & 1 Feature Film.

Now at Cleinsight he is overseeing Creative, digital marketing, developing visual style for branding, identity design, telling the story of brands across multiple platforms and making sure it makes sense for all mediums.