Kalke is a human resource (HR) and people management SaaS platform which automates all the administrative tasks for companies so that they can focus on growing their business. Our ATS portal works in a centralized way where employers can source candidates, schedule their interviews, and take the assessment tests, to determine if they fit the job and the culture. We work hard to curate talents best suited for your organization’s culture. By putting young applicants first for jobs and growing careers, Kalke is changing how recruitment works. Our vision is to equip the youths of tomorrow with relevant skills through our online training and give them practical exposure while reimagining the recruitment industry itself.


Why It’s A Part Of The Next Generation Of Startups

While the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh is growing at a fast pace, the demand for human resources in the ecosystem is also growing exponentially. Especially, the young generation who are about to start their career out of college goes through challenging phases. Kalke is a platform that makes sure the future of these talented young professionals is secure and the businesses get their right pick for the job. With technology at its core, Kalke provides a SaaS platform to businesses to hire, onboard, and maintain employees in their organizations. On the other hand, they also provide job seekers with skill development tips to prepare themselves better for exciting opportunities. We at NSU Startups Next appreciate the impact of Kalke’s services and the ability to globally scale with its tech. 


Jahin Showic
Co-founder & CEO
Recruiter and Marketeer by heart, Innovating HR with emerging technologies by profession.
Tamim Ahmed
Co-founder & CPO
With Kalke, I'm incorporating my experience in the BPO industry to help scale HR technology in Bangladesh. I focus on growth hacking, digital strategy, UI/UX, and deployment to best serve our clients and aspiring talent.