Kotha is a 100% Bangladeshi-made social media and lifestyle app, first of its kind in Bangladesh. Kotha connects people, builds up communities, makes them feel at home with localized and useful contents and services. Till June 30, 2021, Kotha has 200,000+ registered users, 5M+ messages exchanged, 500K+ contents posted, 50K+ audio/video calls made, $150K+ goods sold through this platform.

Bangladesh has 45 million social media users, which is expected to double in a few years. Every year, more than $300 million is spent on these platforms in Bangladesh and most of it is going through illegal channels. Kotha intends to break this monopoly, reduce dependency, keep our data and money in our country and enable Bangladeshis to connect to their market in a cost effective and convenient way.

Kotha’s vision is to get into the fabric of everyday life of Bangladeshi people. Kotha has partnerships with local service providers, from e-commerce to payment, and is open to any reliable local service providers for integration. With Kotha, Bangladeshis have their homegrown platform tailored to their daily life needs. Now, they can communicate easily in a Bangladeshi-only community and make new friendships.

Kotha was awarded “ICT Startup of the year” in The Daily Star ICT Awards 2020. Founders of Kotha believe that Kotha will change Bangladeshi people’s everyday lifestyle and make a real impact.


Tashfin Delwar
Co-Founder & CEO
One of the key founders and the brain behind Kotha. He is leading the Kotha team from idea and innovation to marketing. Tashfin believes that he can make a difference with Kotha and always had a dream to create a product that would impact people's lives. He is good at team management, product innovation and providing solutions. Tashfin has 20+ years of experience in the software/IT industry and entrepreneurship. His experiences include offshore software development, product development and real time communications platforms. He is an ICT Award winner and he studied Computer Science and EMBA from North South University. He likes to travel, watch movies and learn new skills in his leisure time.
Ataul Mukit
Co-Founder and CTO
Mukit plays a key role in architecting, implementing, and innovating for Kotha. He is passionate about Programming and he is particularly good at Software Architecture design and problem solving. He thinks that Kotha can have a deep impact on the day-to-day life of mass people through bringing services at their door step, making life easier and integrating rural mass in a system of digital comfort that is now only offered in main cities. Mukit has 20+ years of experience in the software industry and was involved in many sophisticated and complex projects. He is an ICT Award winner and Computer Science Graduate from North South University. He likes to research and write blogs in his spare time.