Lilac is a digital platform for women that focuses on feminine hygiene & health. Lilac’s aim is to raise awareness about menstrual health and hygiene to de-stigmatize the process of menstruation and prioritize women’s health & hygiene through its contents and resources. Our vision is to support and empower the women of Bangladesh by bringing revolutionary digitized health services in your hands. 


Why It’s Part of the Next Generation of Startups 

With the growing demand for healthcare in Bangladesh, women’s hygiene is certainly a prime focus. Lilac, led by a woman herself is set to create a seamless experience for the women so that they don’t have to worry about their hygiene again. By creating a strong supply chain and technology Lilac automates the experience. Lilac knows when women want their necessary hygiene products even before them. NSU Startups Next boldly supports Lilac’s approach to solve a crucial real-life problem that needs to be solved now more than ever.


Ronika Karmaker
Co-founder & CEO
An aspiring entrepreneur, passionate about bringing a social change through a revolutionary concept to support and empower women.
Kamran Anand Haq
Co-founder & COO
An entrepreneur working towards bringing social change through developing business.
Pramit Barua
Co-founder & VP, Operations
An entrepreneur who wants to create his own definition of success by innovating something new and valuable to the economy.
Sadman Shouviq
Co-founder & VP, Information Technology
An entrepreneur dedicated to solving long-standing social problems through innovative technology.

Inaugural Cohort

Inaugural Cohort