LOOX is the country’s first live shopping platform while providing a physical store experience and interactive shopping through a decentralized model.


Why It’s A Part Of The Next Generation Of Startups

The future of online shopping is live shopping. Consumers no longer settle for a static image. They want to see how the bag looks inside, how many zippers it has, how it looks in different lighting conditions and so much more. Consumer expectations are growing while small to large brands want to be competent enough to live upto such expectations. Hence LOOX is combining live streaming and e-commerce to leverage this dynamic shift in consumer behavior and tap into this global opportunity. Our startup has the potential to connect thousands of brands and small merchants to millions of consumers in an unprecedented way. The technology and hypercommerce supply chain we are building is not just for Bangladesh or one specific country only. It can and must go global to unleash its true power. We are here to change the way people see, feel and experience shopping around the world.


Nasir Chowdhury
Chief Executive Officer
A Harry Potter fan who found passion in entrepreneurship through 3 years of experience in Ecommerce as a brand owner & 3 years in product development for global mobile technology brands along with copywriting experience at a renowned FMCG company.
Anik Ashraf
Co-founder & CMO
Anik Ashraf has 2 years of experience in online sales & marketing. His core areas of expertise are business model development, marketing strategy development, sales strategy development, business operations & management. His technical and analytical skills allowed him to build the country's first live shopping platform that aims to disrupt the traditional E-commerce marketplaces in Bangladesh and around the world.
Turjoy Barai
Chief Operating Officer
A passionate entrepreneur with experience and expertise in branding and supply chain consultancy, data analytics, operations, and logistics management garnered over the years through various engagements, aiming to create a positive impact in the world.