PlexusD is a Hospital aggregator and Software platform that helps the stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem by providing affordable, reliable, and data-driven healthcare services. PlexusD aims to reduce the cost of healthcare for general people while ensuring quality treatment for the patients. 


Why It’s Part of the Next Generation of Startups 

The Healthcare industry depends mostly on the hospitals of a country. In Bangladesh, our hospitals are aiming to shift their services digitally considering the rapid changes around the world. PlexusD comes right at that point to bring the healthcare system on a digital platform and makes sure anyone can get healthcare at their fingertips. A hospital aggregator platform at its core, PlexusD is also onboarding clinics and experts on their platform as well. NSU Startups Next believes that PlexusD will be able to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to the mass market of Bangladesh.


Nazim Mahmud
Managing Director & CEO
A problem solver, passionate about healthcare and technology, and goal-oriented. I'm a self-motivated individual and who loves to talk about global politics, religions, philosophy.
Rizvee Sheikh
Chief Marketing Officer
A social introvert, very detail-oriented when it comes to my own work, and a great listener. Apart from being an entrepreneur, I am a hardcore gamer and a graphic design enthusiast!
Sarwar Jahan
Chief Technology Officer
I identify myself as a tech geek and a very reserved person. I'm a quick learner and a problem solver. Other than coding, I like traveling and long bike rides to ease my mind.

Inaugural Cohort

Inaugural Cohort