ReShop is a social commerce startup that allows people to do online business without any investment or buy any product. Our goal is to tackle the unemployment problem and empower people and SMEs through innovation in technology, supply chain, and f-Commerce.


Why It’s Part of the Next Generation of Startups

The f-commerce and e-commerce industries of Bangladesh has been growing since the last decade and has grown by great margins in recent years. People can now easily think of starting their businesses online. However, it is still hard to execute the business ensuring all the aspects. ReShop is one of those next generation startups that helps these entrepreneurs with all sorts of services needed. From product sourcing to delivery channels, ReShop touches on every point of the supply chain for these SME owners. ReShop’s goal to create more entrepreneurs is what fascinates NSU Startups Next the most. NSU Startups Next is confident that the startup will reach heights on both local and global scale.


Nasir Chowdhury
Chief Executive Officer
A harry potter fan who found passion in Entrepreneurship through 3 years of experience in Ecommerce as a brand owner & 3 years in product development for global Mobile Technology brands along with copywriting experience at a renowned FMCG company.
Anik Ashraf
Vice President, Marketing
A passionate lifelong learner and an F-commerce entrepreneur who has expertise in digital marketing, brand building, and consumer insights. Anik believes that true grit is the greatest weapon of an entrepreneur.
Turjoy Barai
Chief Operating Officer
A passionate entrepreneur with experience and expertise in branding and supply chain consultancy, data analytics, operations, and logistics management garnered over the years through various engagements, aiming to create a positive impact in the world.

Inaugural Cohort

Inaugural Cohort