We are a motley crew of teachers, engineers, designers, researchers, and business people chasing after ONE mission – ‘Enabling personalized education for every child in Bangladesh”. To that end, we built a user-friendly platform for schools that makes them resilient to change and prepares them for 21st-century education. We care very deeply about the people we work with and design edtech interventions that are accessible yet powerful.

Why It’s A Part Of The Next Generation Of Startups

Considering recent times, the education industry has shaped drastically across the world. The change has given challenges to everyone associated with it. Thrive comes with a bunch of passionate individuals who had taken on the challenges and hit the opportunity to solve the problem for students, parents, and teachers. The learning management system makes sure that parents and teachers both are on the same page regarding the child’s academic progress. It gives educational institutions a great scope to continue their academic activities during such dire times. The mobile-first platform is accessible to the mass market and ensures no child is deprived of learning no matter what the situation is. NSU Startups Next considers Thrive as a tech-driven medium to fill in the gaps that the education ecosystem is dealing with.


Rafid Imran
Chief Executive Officer
Rafid Imran is the glue that binds everything together at Thrive. He brings in all that he has learned from an accelerated corporate career at the top telecom operator of Bangladesh. He blends together to design, culture, and process to drive our people to be the best version of themselves. His work experience in digital services allowed him to see how technology could be leveraged to solve many of the education challenges that exist even in rural Bangladesh. That is what inspired him to quit his job and take on these big problems. As an individual, Rafid is the person who you go to for advice or to plan amazing trips. He is an avid traveler, foodie, and aesthete who you might enjoy talking to about the finer things in life.
Proggo Pratik
Chief Product Officer
My passion lies at the intersection of technology, business, and education. A self-taught programmer, I ended up studying business at IBA, University of Dhaka and taught high schoolers throughout my university life. I bring all of these together to bridge the gap between problems and solutions in education as we know it.